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Third Eye P.I: Series, Adult Romance Suspense, Psychic

Cassie Woods just landed her first big case. Determined to prove herself as a private investigator and catch a cheater, Cassie discovers more than she bargained for, when the unveiling of a devastating secret  initiates the emergence of an unwanted gift. Nothing is ever simple.
Her personal life is chaos…
Her professional life is a mine field…
That whore between her legs has a mind of her own…
It's going to be an awe-inspiring lesson in 
Paranormal Psychic
Romance Suspense 
Women Sleuths

Between working a new angle on an old case and learning to control her dreams, Cassie Woods has more than her fair share of drama. The problem is, that whore between her legs continues to distract Cassie in new and hilarious ways as she attempts to make a decision about her love life while working another bizarre case.
Someone is skimming money from the Slippery Pole strip club...
Someone is lurking in the shadows...
Someone embraces their inner stripper...
She did what?! He did what?! Oh, Tequila!

Paranormal Psychic
Romance Suspense 
Women Sleuths

Sexy Bits: Welcome to Desire by Design: No clothing beyond this point.
When I imagined the vacation of a lifetime, it didn’t include a nude fetish resort. I foolishly assumed my bestie Jess and I would at least be wearing bikinis. This place is a hedonistic paradise, but I’m pretty sure I just walked through the Gates of Hell.
At twenty-three, I’m still a virgin and an anomaly in a place like this. My innocence makes me vulnerable to all manner of pervs.
Mason is my host for the week, my protector. He’s basically a prostitute and the world’s biggest tease. He’s determined to give me an epic romance experience but refuses to give me the one thing I want.
In a place that caters to whatever the heart desires, anything is possible.
New Adult Romance with HEAT
Contemporary Romance
Sweet Release: A recent tragedy has torn Annie's life apart. Strange events make it impossible for her to cope as she fights for her sanity.
Dark, Gothic, Paranormal, Ghosts
Sweet Vindication: Insane with grief, I set my sights on revenge. I needed to be free to have the one thing I wanted most in the world.
I did the unthinkable...
My plan worked out perfectly...until it didn't.

Dark, Gothic, Paranormal, Ghosts
Cheekinis and Chocolate: Kara is determined to transform date night into a marriage rejuvenation hot spot.
Be warned--loads of naughty sex!!!
Erotic Romance

Some Wives Do...:Lusting after my husband is a gift, I don’t take it lightly, and I’m totally committed to the craft.
But, with the lust, comes the green-eyed monster, a monster I hide from Eric at all costs. When Fiona struts in, with her six-inch f*&% me pumps, I find myself struggling to conceal my insecurities.
Fiona's determined to take what is mine, but I won't go down without a fight.

Contemporary Romance with HEAT  

One Last Shot: Being a single mom sucks. I’m lonely, tired of being the strong one while everything falls apart. After making a deal with my mom, I jump back into the dating pool and come up for air with Derek. He’s sexy, funny, sweet—everything I could possibly want in a man. Except he might be a player, one I can’t seem to resist.
In walks Mr. Grumpy/Braden with his disgusting beard and perpetual self-loathing. Mr. Grumpy saves my life, but I wasn’t prepared for Braden’s dark truth. He’s an ex-con and what he’s done can never be forgiven. But I’ve got a secret too, and I’m hanging on to it until I’m sure he isn’t some psycho head case. 

Contemporary Romance with HEAT  

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Sexy Bits has had a makeover! Available in eBook and print HERE Welcome to Desire by Design: No clothing beyond this point....