Friday, March 31, 2017

News and Updates

Coming Soon: Sweet Vindication is a dark, gothic, paranormal, romance that will make you cry, cringe, giggle (depending on how twisted you are--no judgment), and hopefully freak you out (just a little).

The final draft is with my editor--fingers crossed that it comes back clean. Target release day is April 15th!

As soon as I have links, I will post them. I haven't decided if I am going to publish everywhere or exclusive to Amazon.

Side note: My family and I are preparing for a cross-Canada move to Ontario in June. Please forgive me if I don't get back to those messages or emails right away. I am trying to keep up but most days my brain is frazzled--I'm like this anyway, even without trying to relocate a family of 4 humans and 5 critters.

So far, this is my publishing schedule for Spring/Summer (fingers crossed that I can pull it off), but if I'm late, I apologize in advance.

April 15th: Sweet Vindication by Ravenna Young (see above)
Septemberish: Some Wives Do... by Remi Wild
Decemberish: One Last Shot by Remi Wild

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