Friday, December 30, 2016

Hangover Musings

Ok. I read the reviews. I was bored...
That's a lie.
So I've created a protag that my readers either love or hate, and I couldn't be happier. After much debate, I've decided that it's the perfect situation. Not everyone will like my work...I get that, but I only ever wanted to write to effect and judging by the reviews I am doing it right.

One can make an evening out of review reading--it's actually quite entertaining. I must say that book reviewers have made an art out it and are brilliant writers in their own respect. Black Heart Reviews makes me laugh every time.

I never read a review for a story that I want to read, but after I've finished, I read the reviews to see what others thought--it's always a healthy mix of love and hate, so...

My point to this post? Last night, I was snuggled on the couch, feeling indifferent about committing to a read, when I started reading reviews...three hours and a bottle of red or two later, I lay in bed pondering it all, feeling satisfied, that my books are doing exactly what they should be doing--entertaining and/or pissing readers off 😊 either way, I'm thankful they took the chance on my work.

That's all. Must get back to the cave. XX

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