Thursday, October 13, 2016

Right Place, Right Time

Most of my books are found perusing Twitter, Facebook Groups, or Goodreads Groups (where I found this lovely).
This one was a gift from the gods!
Right place, right time...seriously.

Bound by Steel makes me thankful for my passion for reading and appreciative of the time I took to thoroughly immerse myself within its pages.

Well! Where to begin...holy crap just about covers the feeling while reading this book. I started it and finished it in one (very long) sitting with hand on my chest gasping as I flipped the pages! This book is AWESOME!

What struck me from the first page was the characterization; Ryker and Lyra are both conveyed in a believable way, from simple mannerisms to conversation to thoughts. There were moments where I had to remember that the book is authored by a female because Ryker's character was so spot on masculine in every conceivable way.

I loved that the story is told from both perspectives, with a few others tossed in to keep me on my toes: At first, it was the steamy connection between Ryker and his rescue, Lyra; the steam literally floats off the pages, and I had many jaw dropping moments, and that was just the sex--there is a lot of that (trust me, I'm not complaining).

BUT, it's not just the sex...the plot was incredibly well-done! Lafortune had me from Part One to the end and just when I thought I had an understanding of what was happening, she completely blew me out of the water, and not just once, it happened again and again. Wild read--LOVED it!
I'm giving nothing away, except to say that not everything is as it may seem.
Definitely worth my time and five stars doesn't even cover it!

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