Saturday, October 8, 2016


I read Victoria Browne's previous novels and LOVED them, so the release of Third Time lucky: Notting Hill Gossip was eagerly anticipated. This sequel to Third Time Lucky the Honey Trap was well worth the wait.
This book is chiclit at its finest and is professionally written and presented.

The story continues for Sarah and her friends as they move into new and exciting chapters. Sarah takes a job in New York and meets Nathan, a F1 driver. The pair immediately connect and as their relationship blooms, Sarah is forced to cope with the challenges of being with a celebrity. Her relationship with her friends is close and humorous and at times jaw-dropping, but well-conveyed.

As you read the romance, there is a build of mystery surrounding Sarah's bestie Laura and it culminates into an emotionally surprising twist at the end. What I loved most was the relationships in this story between Sarah and her friends and how their unconditional devotion to each other is tested; the best being how they overcome it and learn to love each other for who they are. On this journey, I laughed, I cried and became involved in this exciting read that spans the world from London to New York to California and then back to New York.
The ending was beautifully emotional and brilliant.
Easy five star read!

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