Friday, October 7, 2016

Changes and Thanksgiving Love

If you haven't had a chance to purchase Under Orion's Belt, now you can download it for FREE!!! But only until October 11th....
It will be coming off of Kindle Unlimited next week. I am going to give it a chance with the other major retailers as I have had success with them.

My experience with Kindle Unlimited hasn't been a bad one, just that I am broadening the horizons. I like to give each of my books a stint on KU once a year, but Orion has been on there all it laziness, because that is really what it is :)

Wishing all my Canadian peeps a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with turkey, great reads, and love.

We have been slowly getting back on track in our house after the loss of my dad. It has been a time of sorrow and new beginnings. We are trooping on: smiling, laughing and enjoying life, as he would have wanted.

Not having my dad there to carve the turkey will make the day difficult but I plan to stuff myself with pie so who cares about the bird, anyway...


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