Monday, September 5, 2016


I've been lost for days...wallowing in the deepest inconcievable sorrow. If you're reading this, it won't inspire.

After a short, horrifying struggle my dad has passed from heart failure. I cannot even describe the pain, the shock, the complete familial confusion. This man, Smiling Bill, held us all together with his ever-present smile, brimming with optimism, his cheesy jokes, and his unending fierce love.

To say the least we are devestated, lost...

This past week, I have seen things that I wish I hadn't, and they are burned in my mind's eye, awful as it was, we were there until the last beat of his ginormous heart and now we struggle to hold our family together, united by his dying wish--to take care of mom and each other.

I can't even begin to know how...but we are trying.

Please understand, when I tell you that all publishing, writing, etc., is put on hold. My family comes it should be. Things will come...slowly.

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