Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Peter's Sisters: FFS indeed...

Well hell, I veered away from my summer TBR just slightly. But I had to. I came across this book in one of my authors groups as the author was looking for opinions about the cover...one thing led to another and I assisted with the latest cover creation. LOVE this :)

Of course, being the book junky that I have always been, and knowing that if I came across this book on Amazon I would want to read it, I had to read the book. What a ride.

The story starts out with Sue in a mental hospital, but we don't exactly know why. The story begins to take shape and it is revealed that she has a secretive relationship with her step-brother Peter. Life circumstances happen and Sue acquires a step-sister named Bonnie and she becomes Peter's love interest/step-step sister.

It's a bit twisted (I love that about it), and I had many WTF moments, but what I loved most about this book: the phenomenal writing (witty, professional, and raw), the character development (none of the characters are heroes or heroines and they're all totally nuts), and the interplay between the two points of view (Sue and Bonnie). The plot is masterfully written, but that is all you get from me--read it to find out the rest :)

This book was so well done that I decided I had to put it out there in Blog Land. If I had one complaint about this book, it would be that it left me with a severe case of FFS (Fiction-Fucked Syndrome). I literally sat there with my jaw hanging open after the last page, wondering wtf I just read and then spent the rest of the night going over the story in my head, trying to figure it out. I LOVE when I can put a book down and it still messes with my head for several more days...that's where I'm at, but definitely a MUST READ and of course, I'm adding ALL of LM Foster's books to my TBR. The woman has a gift for the written word and she is a bit crazy (but in a fun way).

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