Friday, July 8, 2016

Not a Happy Place

My blog is a happy place... where I like to share my love of reading and joys in life...not today. Today, I digress, for today only...I won't give hate anymore than this...
There is so much in my heart today that I can't even breathe. Our neighbors to the south need help! I pray for Obama, a man who has fought hard for change and peace...What is happening to his people?
And the one running (I won't even say his name), who instills hate into the American people...he blatantly promotes it and like stupid fools, his followers are fully on board. Go ahead, elect that bigoted idiot and see what happens to your country--to your people (ALL of them). 
But this isn't just about the USA. We ALL need help? When did we become so sure that our personal beliefs (religions, race, sexual orientation, etc.) are the only ones that matter? Every corner of the earth is tainted with the blood of hate. I can't even imagine watching the man I love and father of my child get shot by a police officer, in front of his child, because of the color of his skin and...well that's really about it. And, getting a call that my wife or husband, child, or parent had been shot, at a peaceful protest because of the color of their uniform. DEVESTATION: no other word describes that kind of sorrow. The sad part is that out of tragedy comes more hate...
Can someone create a vaccination that makes us all colorblind? Even better yet, one that makes us immune to being hateful.
HATE breeds more hate, and it's offspring have run rampant in our world. Peace and love have been sitting on the sidelines, fighting, but it feels more like a war and the haters have weapons...lots of weapons--powerful ones.
None of us feel safe. As I sit and ponder where we have landed at this point, I can't withhold the tears. Our children aren't safe. They aren't safe at home, at school, at the playground, anywhere, really...None of us are safe. Even, living in a democratic country, where we are supposed to feel free, but we feel trapped--we are not safe.
And all the sugar-coating and blaming... I'm sorry, but when you have zero respect for life and feel it is your right to take it away, then you shouldn't have the right to live. This should apply to all people: yellow, blacks, whites, greens, law enforcement, every religion, believer, and sexually orientated human, (EVERYONE). That may sound harsh, but where has all this judgment and hate gotten us?
Prisons are crowded with people who have perpetrated heinous crimes, all in the name of hate, and we give them rights? We try to rehabilitate them.
If you make the choice to take another life, you shouldn't have the right to live. Period. There are no excuses and sure you could sit around and come up with all kinds of 'reasons' but the fact remains that there is NO EXCUSE. A choice is a choice and we all have to live with the ones we make. And many have to live with the ones that some random hater with a gun makes. It's terrifying and so sad that words can never cover the stupidity, loss and deeply-ingrained pain. 
Things ARE getting worse, and until we adopt a zero tolerance for hate and START LOVING AND ACCEPTING EACH OTHER, nothing is going to change.Those with hate deep in their soul cannot possibly imagine a world of love and peace because they don't know any different. AND guess what? They should still be held accountable for their crimes against humanity...just them, not the peace-loving people who happen to wear the same color uniform or skin tone as the hater's target.
So this post is all I intend to give this: I'm taking action. I will be loving my peeps and our world that much harder and hugging my babies tighter...because you never know when some asshole is going to take love from you. The best retaliation against hate is to LOVE! Love harder, love longer, and most definitely love MORE...

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  1. This is such a heartfelt post, Ravenna, and I'm glad you took the time to compose this. The world is in terrible shape right now with mass killings happening almost in every corner of the world. It's gravely disheartening. Even the Philippines is in bad shape. However, there is nothing we can do but to retaliate and love one another. Thank you for this post! :)


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