Thursday, June 2, 2016

My Shady New Addiction

If you read YA or NA paranormal/fantasy romance and you're into the vampire thing, you know that Bella Forrest has dominated the categories for years. Of course I was curious, so I started the first book and now I can officially say that I am addicted to this series. The writing is AWESOME, the characters are complicated and angsty and extremely well-developed, and the world of the Shade is perfect as the backdrop for this series.

It took me awhile to actually crack this book because I was torn after reading reviews, but I ignored them and moved on. The passion in the writing, caused me to experience a myriad of emotions at various points of the book and I was left feeling awestruck, in love, and desperate to move on to the next book.

I am in love with this love story!

I'm also not going into great review detail as with this series it has been done to death. I will move on to the next book and see where it takes me. I'm totally in, but I'm also a bit hesitant as there are so many books, I wonder at what point, if any, that I will get bored.

If you are a YA PNR fan and you love being taken away on a long emotional ride, this is a great series. The best part is if you have Kindle Unlimited (and this isn't a plug for KU, just a fact), you can get your fix for only your monthly subscription fee which is great because there are almost thirty books in this series...

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