Thursday, May 19, 2016

Is this a thing?

I'm going to grunt! This sort of ruined my day.
I have been addicted to a new adult paranormal series that is really popular (not naming names). There are 9 books, and we fans have been waiting for two years past the promised publication date for the final book...then I find out that the author is rewriting all the books in the series and "cleaning" them up for YA. WTF? Is this a thing? Why would she do this?

Now the final book, that I know would have been awesome because she is an awesome writer, is going to be YA and "clean"...SO if I want to enjoy the final book that I have waited for, I have to purchase and reread the entire series to fully get it...and this is a complicated series so I WILL have to reread everything...the upside is she is an amazing author...but I'm not impressed. As a reader, I feel like she should at least have given the final book a stint before changing the entire series...I feel like I wasted my money for no payoff and now I will have to spend more to get the final book...GRRRR!!!


  1. That would probably annoy me, because that must mean she's going to change the direction of the story, make it more appealing to teens. That would really tick me off!

  2. Yup. I feel kind of betrayed as a reader, you know? Like I've invested time and money into this series for no payoff unless I spend more...super frustrating.


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