Friday, May 27, 2016

Craziness...and More Craziness

This post will be more on a personal level, so that my readers know what's happening in my world.

My followers know that I acquired two large breed puppies in September...well, they are both broken. One has a sprained front leg and the other has a sprained back ankle. SOOOOOO much fun!!! The front leg injury happened because they are constantly roughhousing and the hind leg injury happened when she stepped into a hole in the ground (that they put there) while roughhousing.

Let me just say that having two adolescent large breed puppies on strict rest is not fun. They are both practically jumping out of their skin and absolutely devastated that they can't play catch. Poor sad babies...

As I convalesce my fur babies, I am racing around the city like a mad woman trying to get my boys to their soccer games, plus working a full-time job and writing. Let's just say that I have received some strange looks for my often frazzled appearance on the fields or for showing up in heels and a skirt looking totally badass (okay, so this never happens), but hey, I'm getting the job done and not gracefully!

Those who love me ignore the fact that my house looks like a bomb went off in it, or they are too afraid to say anything...either way, I'm good.

So just like all of you, juggling life can be a struggle, but it is awesome...I'd be bored any other way :)

Happy Memorial Weekend to my American peeps. you deserve a break!!!

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