Saturday, March 12, 2016

Musings from within the Cave

Yup. I've been locked in my cave for days, scrambling to finish two projects before deadline. I hate deadlines and as an indie author feel like I shouldn't have them, but with pre-order, you really don't have a choice. Pre-order is an excellent motivator.

Remi is releasing a quirky new adult romance, Sexy Bits, on March 31st. It's different for me for two reasons: one, it's my first submission into the new adult genre, and two, it's first person present tense.
Writing in first person is...different. What I like about it is you can basically write anything because it's from the perspective of your protagonist. Editing is a challenge because I keep discovering instances where I change style and it's frustrating, but I'm working it out.

I have read some pretty fantastic books lately. I will be writing reviews for them soon and posting here, but my first priority is finishing my own work.

If anyone needs me, IM via Facebook or Twitter :)
See you on the other side...

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