Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sexy Bits and Lessons Learned

Sexy Bits is probably my favorite writing experience to date. Writing this new adult romance was definitely an eye opener, and this first attempt at first person point of view took much longer than expected. I could have written three more books in the time it took to edit this many drafts. Even though I pissed my editor off, repeatedly, I finally finished and absolutely love the result.
I adored the process.
There is nothing better than a writing challenge :)

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Musings from within the Cave

Yup. I've been locked in my cave for days, scrambling to finish two projects before deadline. I hate deadlines and as an indie author feel like I shouldn't have them, but with pre-order, you really don't have a choice. Pre-order is an excellent motivator.

Remi is releasing a quirky new adult romance, Sexy Bits, on March 31st. It's different for me for two reasons: one, it's my first submission into the new adult genre, and two, it's first person present tense.
Writing in first person is...different. What I like about it is you can basically write anything because it's from the perspective of your protagonist. Editing is a challenge because I keep discovering instances where I change style and it's frustrating, but I'm working it out.

I have read some pretty fantastic books lately. I will be writing reviews for them soon and posting here, but my first priority is finishing my own work.

If anyone needs me, IM via Facebook or Twitter :)
See you on the other side...

Sexy Bits: News and SALE!!!!

Sexy Bits has had a makeover! Available in eBook and print HERE Welcome to Desire by Design: No clothing beyond this point....