Sunday, January 24, 2016

I Love Sexy Bits!

So begins the guest to clean up Remi Wild's work. In the beginning, I wanted her work to be strictly romance with heat, but some of it is just outright dirty and has gotten out of hand :) My I said, I have a dirty mind.

The thing is, I didn't realize how much it would affect me when people I knew read her work. The reviews have been amazing, but it isn't exactly what I envisioned for her in the beginning. I envisioned hot romance, but not trash. Mostly, I have to clean it up for my dear grandma, because if she reads it and has a heart attack, I don't think that I can live with myself.

I'm not taking the sex out, because what is romance without it? Plus the Third Eye P.I. series is loaded with sex, but I am definitely toning it down so that it is softer, more sensual..

So Under Orion's Belt is in the re-write stage and Sexy Bits is almost finished. I love Sexy Bits! I giggle with every page that I write and I am super proud of this's a gooder!

Imagine a new adult virgin vacationing against her will at a tropical island adult sex resort...and then wait patiently,because it's on its way :)

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