Wednesday, December 16, 2015

This book is B.O.S.S.

The second of the IA series blew my mind, I’m still thinking about it a week after reading it. My impatient wait for the sequel to IA: Initiate paid off and then some... IA: B.O.S.S. is one of those reads that I couldn't put down. I became thoroughly engrossed in the story-line from page one, and as revelations came to light, I was increasingly drawn in and held within the pages.

Winston paints a clear portrait of life in the Exclave and the challenges and harsh realities that Naz faces. Naz is a quirky thirteen year-old boy, trying to make it in foster care with his much adored sister Meri—his first priority is always his sister, but he also manages to juggle school, therapy, basketball, and a job all while delving deep within himself to discover and test his many emerging and amazing talents/abilities. He is a hard worker, fighting against the odds, and he is determined to make a better life for his sister and himself…something most thirteen year olds shouldn’t have to deal with, but the reality is that many do. Naz does this all while still displaying what a thirteen year-old really thinks and how they approach the world…he is a laid back guy with his eyes wide open and can be a bit flighty, but he is also passionate about the things that are important to him. Life in the Exclave, for Naz, is much like a game of chess and the references to the game throughout the book are both ironic and in some cases poetic.

This book is touching but it also had a lot of very raw moments that for me were total jaw-droppers.  I think I felt every possible emotion from this read and even shed a few tears. I loved how IA held different meanings throughout the book, depending on the situation. Many of the questions I had from the first book were answered in such a way that I didn’t see coming, but they also left lingering questions which leaves plenty of opportunity for Winston to knock another one out of the park... I can hardly wait :)

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