Thursday, October 22, 2015

My first blogged book review...

In short, I haven't posted a review to my blog prior to today. That will change from this point forward--indies need all the help they can get and i am a reader first, so I'd like to support the authors I read in every possible way. I will tweet and share everything I do via Twitter and Facebook, so it seems logical to start posting my opinions here.

Victoria Browne and I connected via a Goodreads discussion group. I checked out her books, read the previews, and immediately wanted to read them. Victoria sent me a free copy of Third Time Lucky: the Honey Trap to review and the rest...well see below:

Rating of *****

***Disclaimer--sort of*** I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, but when my tablet glitched, I went and downloaded it for free to my Kobo reader. THAT is how much I adored this read!

I haven't read a lot of chic lit, but this is by far the best one yet. From the first page, I became glued to the story of Sarah and her friends. The sassy brit humor kept me giggling as I read on. Browne creates a believable world in which most women can relate to--we all worry about men and careers and we all have a close circle of gals who love and support us and sometimes hurt us. Sarah's group of friends are there to support her as she struggles with a double-betrayal. She lives the next portion of her life trying to prove herself, while trying to conform to an ideal she doesn't really want.

The story plays out in such a way that you think it's going to go one way and then BAM it completely changes path and leaves you guessing and demanding more. The last half of this book was impossible to stop reading, and the ending wasn't at all expected. I need more! This read is romance, suspense, mystery and humor all bundled into one perfect little package. It's fresh, witty, well-written and formatted and the cover is first class! I highly recommend this book.

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