Sunday, October 25, 2015

I loved this book!

I love this cover. The game of chess signifies a great deal about this book. Before I made it through the first page, I was hooked. The writing style is relaxed and edgy all at once, and the writing is skilled, as if written through the eyes of Naz and Cory. Mystery builds slowly, maintaining curiosity throughout. I must admit that I don't read a lot of YA or sci-fi, but with this read, I felt compelled to speak up for it. I was wowed from the start and when I finished, I wanted more!

If you like sci-fi, YA, paranormal with a dystopian feel, this is a definite read. I have passed this read onto my teenage son and he loved it!

I hate reviews that give away too much, but I will give away a little...

Naz is a quirky teenager, with a resilience that shines through as he struggles to cope with life in the Exclave (a dystopian-like ghetto), sleep-walking, strange voices, and gang activity. His attitude to certain events reminds me a lot of my teenage son...non-committal about some things, but crazy passionate about others. His relationship with his sister Meridian is well-conveyed and adorable. His character is strong as are all the other characters in this book, even Tone the African Grey. Life in the Exclave is described in such a way that each scene feels like your moving through a movie.

The story bounces between Naz and Dr. Cory Anderson, creating an interwoven plot line that spoke to the power or the mind and mind-control. I'm still hanging and need to read the next book in this series, soon!

***** STARS

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