Sunday, August 23, 2015

Not to whine, but the whole social media marketing thing takes up a ton of time. I had no idea it would be so crazy. The shocking thing is that I absolutely love every second of it. I am learning so much and connecting with some unbelievable readers, authors and resources. Each step of this journey is a learning experience and so exciting!
The one thing I dreaded--the bad review--happened, and I didn't get upset (I fully expected to cry). I must have had my big girl panties on as I read it. Even though it was a two star review, the input that I received from the reviewer was appreciated, and I fully intend to take her words to heart. I almost feel like you get the most honesty from a bad review. Most days I walk through life delighted with the good reviews, but aside from the gratitude and good vibes, never really take them to heart. That one bad review taught me more than twenty good ones.
I can't say enough how much I truly appreciate the entire process, and I am so happy that I'm #doinitindiestyle :)

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  1. All authors dread the bad review but I always say, only take on board constructive criticisms and NOT an oppinon. For example a gave 2 stars to 'A casual vacancy' by JK Rowling because I thought it was boring and in my opinion it could have been written at a faster pace. By my father in law gave it 5 stars and loved it all. It's really hard but never take someone's opinion to heart only constructive criticism. And dissecting the two can be hard but a necessary to grow. X


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