Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New cover for Under Orion's Belt and I have to say, even if it comes off snotty, I have outdone myself. LOVE IT! That's right people, I design my own cover art. I have heard this is taboo in the writing world, but who knows a book better than the author? Plus, I love the process...

Floozies and Fallout is on the way, even after sitting on my ass for two weeks and literally doing nothing. I am ahead of schedule, so it looks as though it will hit the internet world by October 1st. I shouldn't brag. It's bad juju. As I write this, I realize that two weeks from now, I'll be whining that I am behind again.

Third Eye P.I. and Cheekinis & Chocolate have officially detached from KDP Select and will be available soon at most online eBook retailers. Can't say that I was thrilled with the whole KDP Select experience, but I had to give it a shot. Cheekinis and Chocolate will be free. Enjoy and please leave a review...

Exciting things coming soon :) I can't wait!

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