Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Welcome to my Blog. I am indie author Ravenna Young. This is my first blog and hopefully a stopping point for my readers. As I develop this blog, I will keep you up to date with news and releases.

Some things you need to know about me:
  1. I have a dirty mind, but I use it for the greater good. A work without humor, in my mind, is boring...I hope you laugh.
  2. I am indie because I'm a control freak--but in a fun way. True story.
  3. I love to write, but I refuse to limit myself to one genre. This is why you will see my work under pen names. I don't want my mom reading an erotic romance that I have written...I think I'd die or she would...not sure which. Please check Remi Wild's page out on this blog.
  4. I read a lot. I am always open to new work, so feel free to recommend something to me.
  5. Ask me anything! If I don't answer, you crossed a line :)
My first book Third Eye P.I. is available on Amazon Prime until August 13th, then it will be on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBook, etc. I publish through Smashwords, so you can download any format you need from there. 
Sweet Release is a dark short that is part of the Little Dark Shorts series...stay tuned for more.
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